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We believe that there is a perfect medium to be discovered and offered to all of our clients, both buyers and sellers, combining modern technology, high standards of customer service, security, & invaluable knowledge of Panamá and its real estate opportunities. We want our clients to enjoy and thrive on the excitement and adventure of investing, developing, selling, and living in an exotic tropical destination.

Founder & CEO 

Dustin Conlon

Founder & CEO Tropic Lands Real Estate Panama
  • Fluent in English and Spanish
  • Your direct contact and consultant for all sales & acquisitions
  • Years of experience living and working in Panama (resident of Veraguas province since 2014)
  • Numerous real estate associates and collaborators throughout Panamá
  • Professional Relationships with Contractors, Lawyers, Topographers, Surveyors, Evaluators, and more
  • Inside information about the best and most current land investment opportunities in Panama that others may never hear about
  • Invaluable knowledge via exploration of the most remote and exotic regions of Panama, as well as the developed and “up and coming” destinations
  • Able to scout/access all areas of Panama by 4×4 vehicle or boat
Zulema Rodriguez & Associates

Zulema Rodriguez & Associates


Our professional, friendly, and bi-lingual legal team will facilitate the entire legal process of purchase or sale including contracts, escrow, payment, and registration of sales/acquisitions. They will also facilitate for you if needed the creation of companies, foundations, as well as assist with residency acquisition, and more.

Licensed Surveyors

Licensed Surveyors

Survey & Assessment Team

Licensed Surveyors

Survey & Assessment Team

Having a quality and trustworthy survey team is crucial when it comes to real estate in Panamá. When deemed necessary or beneficial before selling your property, or acquiring a property, our survey team can facilitate the preparation and verification of property location, boundary lines, segregations, and more. Upon necessity or request, we can also facilitate topography or various other types of studies done by licensed individuals.

Landscape Design & Services

Landscape Design & Services

Once you have acquired a piece of land, Tropic Lands Real Estate can also connect you to landscape design professionals who will assist you with the development of your property, irrigation, planting of trees and plants, and general design and outline of the property in regards to the balance between structures and nature/landscape as required for your project or development plans. We will also assist with connecting you to local Panamanians able to look after your property and perform consistent maintenence.

Buy Property In Panama

Acquire Property

Tropic Lands Real Estate offers clients an enjoyable, secure, and honest service for the acquisitions of many different types of property within the country of Panama. Whether your calling is the mountains or the beaches, lets find your paradise!

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Sell Property In Panama

Sell Your Property

We can provide you with a number of investment options for various types of property within the country, using our portfolio of properties, personal connections, collaborations with various real estate companies within Panama, and good old fashion research and exploration.

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Photography and Promotional Video Services For Real Estate In Panama

Photography & Video

Looking for top notch photography or video production services to showcase your home, development project, resort, etc ? Look no further, as Tropic Lands Real Estate has all the experienced photographers and videographers you need!

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